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We provide flow meters from a wide breadth of top suppliers at Controls Warehouse. This includes high quality positive displacement meters of many different varieties; such as piston, nutating disc (aka. wobble plate), oval gear or tri-rotor designs.  Positive displacement meter measure the volumetric flow rates of liquids by measn of mechanical displacement.From Badger Meter, the Recordall (RCDL) nutating disc design is available for measuring clean, cold water. These meters are available in lead-free bronze as well as thermoplastic and are NSF-61 and AWWA approved for your potable water applications. Great Plains Industries offers the Flomec® and GPI® brands.  Tuthill Transfer Systems/FPP offer the oval gear design. These meters run in sizes from 1/8” up to 3" and are available in either aluminum or 316 stainless steel. They are highly accurate and repeatable, measuring both high and low viscosity fluids. Total Control Systems (TCS) offers a reciprocating piston and tri-rotor design be able to measure flow ranges down to 0.2 up to 600 GPM. These feature a rugged outer body that ensures long life and sustained accuracy, while also meeting or exceeding stringent industry standards. Red Seal Measurement offers Neptune meters formerly sold as Actarits and Schlumberger. Other positive displacement meters are available from manufacturers including Elster AMCO Honeywell, Turbines, Inc. and Niagara Meters

For more information about the positive displacement meters we have available, please contact us directly or visit the manufacturer pages below for more information.

Badger Meter Badger Meter  (Blancett®, Dynasonics®, E-Series®, Hedland®, ModMAG®, Recordall®, Turbo)
Elster AMCO Honeywell Elster AMCO Honeywell
Great Plains Industries (GPI) Great Plains Industries (GPI®, Flomec®)

Honeywell Elster AMCO Honeywell Elster AMCO
Niagara MetersNiagara® Meters
Red Seal Measurement (Actaris Neptune)Red Seal Measurement (Actaris, Neptune)

Total Control Systems (TCS) Total Control Systems™ (TCS) 
Turbines, Inc. Turbines, Inc.™
TuthillTuthill. FILL-RITE®, SOTERA® Syatems, FPP

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We offer over 23 different brands of flow meters and related products, here are some in detail ...
ABB Flowmeters Badger Meter Blue-White Industries, Ltd. Comate Controls Warehouse Meters  Great Plains Industries
GWF MetersHoneywell Smart Energy MetersKessler Ellis Products (KEP)King Instrument CompanyMaster MeterMcCrometer Neptune Technology Group
Niagara MetersRCM IndustriesRed Seal MeasurementSeametricsTotal Control SystemsTurbines, Inc.Tuthill