Distributor of Turbine Flowmeters

Turbine flow meters are the measuring tool of choice for many industries, including large commercial users and water distribution. At Controls Warehouse, we provide turbine flow meters from many different suppliers and in all different configurations with too many sizes, flow ranges, construction materials, pressure ratings, temperature ratings, display or output options, applications, etc. to briefly list. These meters are offered from quality manufactures such as Badger Meter, Great Plains Industries (GPI®), Niagara® MeterSeametrics and Turbines, Inc.™. Turbine flow meters are offered anywhere from economy meters, which are inexpensive, all the way up to high precision turbines. Contact one of our engineers today to determine which unit fits your application needs.

To learn more about the wide variety of turbine flow meters available, please contact us directly or visit the manufacturer pages below for more information.

Badger Meter (Blancett, Dynasonics, Hedland) Badger Meter (Blancett®, Dynasonics®, Hedland®)
Great Plains Industries (GPI, Flomec) Great Plains Industries (GPI®, Flomec®)
Niagara® meters Niagara® meters
Seametrics Seametrics
Turbines, Inc. Turbines, Inc.™

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We offer over 23 different brands of flow meters and related products, here are some in detail ...
ABB Flowmeters Badger Meter Blue-White Industries, Ltd. Comate Controls Warehouse Meters  Great Plains Industries
GWF MetersHoneywell Smart Energy MetersKessler Ellis Products (KEP)King Instrument CompanyMaster MeterMcCrometer Neptune Technology Group
Niagara MetersRCM IndustriesRed Seal MeasurementSeametricsTotal Control SystemsTurbines, Inc.Tuthill