What’s New at Controls Warehouse in Ocala, FL

Controls Warehouse to carry replacement for Honeywell M190
MTH meter from GWFHoneywell Smart energy has discontinued the M190 multijet meter for hot water up to 266 °F. In order to continue to serve our customers, Controls Warehouse is now carrying the MTH meter which is a drop-in replacement. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the correct part number.

More information. 11/2021

Honeywell Oil Meters are now being sold as Control Warehouse Oil Meters.
Controls Warehouse Oil MetersAlso known as Elster and AMCO oil meters, Honeywell has discontinued the line. Controls Warehouse has purchased the remaining inventory and the most popular models are in stock in our Florida warehouse. We also can source new meters. These meters are identical to your existing product with no modifications needed to install. Part numbers remain the same. We continue to stock and sell other Honeywell meters.

The 1/8" Oil Meter is now known as the CW4
The 1/4" Oil Meter is now known as the CW8
The 1/2" Oil Meter is now known as the CW15
The 3/4" Oil Meter is now known as the CW20
The 1" Oil Meter is now known as the CW25
The 1-1/2" Oil Meter is now known as the CW40
The 2" Oil Meter is now known as the CW50

More information. 11/2021

Comate vortex flow meters for steam, air, natural gas & process gas
Comate Vortex flow meterThe Comate line of vortex meter are now being imported and available for requests for quote.  Model VFM60 is available in ½” thru 12” lines.

This model uses the “Karman vortex” principle for measurement of flow rate of various fluids such as steam, gas and liquid. More information. 7/2021

ProtEX-MAX™ Flow Rate/Totalizers now available with field selectable dual analog inputs
ProtEX-Max Flow Rate/TotalizerWe now offer Precision Digital Corporation PD8-6200 / PD8-6300 ProtEX-MAX™ Flow Rate Totalizers with dual-line 6-digit displays. Perfect for flow applications, they feature a user configurable display and come with free USB programming sofware and cable. Available in several different configurations, this meter is offered with dual 4-20 mA inputs. More information. 12/2019

Honeywell announces evoQ4 electromagnetic meter for reclaimed water applications
evoQ4 electromagnetic meter for reclaimed waterAvailable in sizes from 1-1/2 to 12" the evoQ4 features a 10-year continuous duty battery life, maintenance free with no moving parts,  high accuracy with 0.5 second sampling rate, simple installation, Pulse or encoder connectivity and is IP68 sealed.  More information.   09/2019

Turbines, Inc. liquid and gas flowmeters now available
Turbines, Inc.Turbines, Inc., an industry leader providing flow metering solutions for liquid and gas flowmeters has appointed Controls Warehouse as a distributor of their rugged, stailess steel, precision machined product line. Standard offerings feature in-line sizes from 3/8" through 10". Custom configurations and materials are available for high-pressure applications up to 15,000 psig and deliver ±0.1.0% standard accuracy over the flow range. A variety of flowmeters are available for oil, fuel, petroleum products, natural gas, propane, methane and CO2 measurement applications .  06/2019

King Instruments announces new model

King Instruments Model 7100 with flanges7100 Series Stainless Steel Tube flowmeter with its 316L stainless steel construction  makes this meter suitable for low-flow, high pressure applications. Flanged connections are available in 150# and 300# ratings in both welded and quick connect. Both 1/2" and 1" sizes are supported. More information is available here.   10/2018  

Honeywell Smart Energy announces the relaunch of our HT4000 Fire Hydrant Meter

Elster AMCO Oil Meter with 4-20 mA outputElster AMCO Water, now part of Honeywell Smart Energy, is pleased to announce the relaunch of the HT4000 Fire Hydrant Meter. The hydrant meter is typically used by utilies to account for temporary, metered water access from fire hydrants to construction contractors or similar customers.
The HT4000 meter is an aluminum bodied turbine meter conforming to AWWA C701 performance standards. There is no change to the performance, materials of construction, fit, or function for the product from our earlier design. The meter is available in US Gallon, Cubic Foot, and Metric units of registration. The register is direct read though there is an option for future pulse output upgrade provided. The register differs slightly from the version of the HT4000 last produced in 2013.  09/2018

Improved connections announced for Honeywell Smart Energy M190 Meter

Elster AMCO Oil Meter with 4-20 mA outputElster AMCO Water, now part of Honeywell Smart Energy, has made improvements to the connection specification for the 2” M190 hot water multijet meter. While the spud end of the meter body remains British Standard Pipe (BSP G2 3/8B ), meters are now supplied with connector tailpieces threaded as 2” National Pipe Thread (NPT).
There is no change to the performance, materials of construction, or function for the product. The meter body, BSP connector cap nuts and fiber washers do not change. The NPT connector tail pieces are specially machined to fit the BSP cap nut, so connectors obtained from an alternate source may not fit properly. The overall length of 2” Meters with NPT connectors is 18”.  08/2018

Transmitters in stock

Tricon E3Neptune Technology Tricon/E3 transmitters now in stock at Conrols Warehouse, you no longer need to wait 4 plus weeks to get your transmitter. 03/2018


Smart Energy Oil meters with LCD display and integral 4-20mA output

Elster AMCO Oil Meter with 4-20 mA outputHoneywell Smart Energy, including the legacy Elster AMCO Water, is pleased to announce the availability of our positive displacement fuel oil meters with LCD totalizer display and integral 4-20mA output. This applies to meters in sizes ½” – 2”. The LCD version oil meters now provide the capability to directly display and output rate of flow signals (GPH, L/h) without need of intermediate devices for converting pulse outputs. Current versions continue to be offered. These include direct read, reed switch pulse, and inductive pulse models. Preliminary product specification sheets are here. 12/2017

NTHSP - Retrofit Pulse Device for Neptune Technology meters
NTHSP Neptune High Speed PulserControls Warehouse is pleased to offer an easy to install retrofit pulse device for Neptune Technology meters. This device enables water meter reading, water submetering to electronic devices. Water monitoring equipment direct connects to the digital contact closure pulse output. The Neptune Pulser works with: T-10® 5/8″ through 2″; TRU/FLO® 2″ through 6″; HPT (High Performance Turbine) 1-1/2″ through 20″. Please give us a call to discuss your application. 07/2017
NSF-61-G certified meters with Eco-brass body
MJNSeametrics has announced the release of the MJN Series of Multi-Jet Pulse Meters which are NSF-61-G Certified for potable water. Seametrics MJN-Series is the economical solution for potable water, cooling tower chemical control, industrial water treatment, and deduct metering. These mechanical flow meters use the multi-jet principle, which has been an internationally-accepted standard for many years. This type of meter is known for its wide range, simplicity, and accuracy in low-quality water. The MJN-Series has an Eco-brass body and is available in 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” versions. Please give us a call to discuss your application. 04/2017
Plastic-Bodied Multi-Jet Flow Meters
MJPWith the increasing cost of bronze, stainless steel and other metals, SeaMetrics is excited to introduce their new Plastic-Bodied Multi-Jet Flow Meter (Model MJP). The MJP meets AWWA C708 standards and with the NSF approval pending, this meter will offer an inexpensive solution for measuring your potable water. The MJP-Series is available in 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/2” versions. The Seametrics MJP series Plasic body pulse water meter offers high accuracy (±1.5% of reading) at an economical price with an optional pulse output. NSF-61-G certified, 105°F max temperature. 01/2017
GPI aquires Trimec Industries
TrimecGPI is proud to announce their acquisition of Trimec Industries headquartered in Sydney, Australia. With this acquisition, GPI is replacing their GM-Series oval gear meter with the Flomec OM-Series oval gear meter. This new product line further diversifies GPI and strengthens their presence and opportunities in the U.S. and international markets.
Elster AMCO discontinues mechanical water meters
Elster AMCO C700The impact of Elster AMCO Water discontinuing the production on mechanical water meters and closing the Ocala, FL manufacturing facility in 2013 has been nationwide. The loss of this product line that thousands of companies have relied on for decades has left a void in instrumentation supplies and service. Controls Warehouse has many drop-in replacements that can get your water lines back up and running without any further delays. We also have the instrumentation and facility to repair many of the Elster AMCO register options, such as the Electronic Register or Digital Register Pulser. 06/2013
Leading brands in stock
Controls Warehouse is proud to announce that we are now stocking several other reliable brands for your flowmeter needs; brands such as Badger Meter, Great Plains Industries, MasterMeter and Neptune Technology. These industry leading brands offer many flow instrumentation options to get the job done right the first time. When time, money and accuracy counts, depend on Controls Warehouse to supply the products and knowledge to accomplish your goals.
Authorized repair center
Elster AMCO oil meter testing and repair facility is now open at Controls Warehouse. We offer evaluation, repair, testing and certificates for all of the oil meter sizes, 1/8" up thru 2".

We offer over 23 different brands of flow meters and related products, here are some in detail ...
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GWF MetersHoneywell Smart Energy MetersKessler Ellis Products (KEP)King Instrument CompanyMaster MeterMcCrometer Neptune Technology Group
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